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The use of water fed pole and pure water technology is arguably the most significant change the window cleaning industry has ever seen.

At Pure Glass, we have invested in the 650ltr fully fitted van mounted Pure Freedom reach and wash system. Pure Freedom are one of the most recognised and trusted names in the industry for quality water fed pole window cleaning systems.

A TDS meter indicates the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of a solution, i.e. the concentration of dissolved solids in it. A TDS meter displays the TDS in parts per million (ppm). For example, a TDS reading of 1 ppm would indicate there is 1 milligram of dissolved solids in each kilogram of water.

Depending on the hardness of the water, ordinary tap water has a TDS of between 70-400.

Our Pure Freedom system uses sophisticated filters and resin to produce laboratory grade pure water with a TDS reading of 000ppm.

The pure water is pumped from the van up through a telescopic carbon fiber pole onto the window; this is then scrubbed, using the nylon brush head, rinsed and left to dry naturally to leave a streak free finish.

As the water has been reduced to its natural state, it has far more dissolving power, so it literally sucks up the grime from the window leaving windows sparkling clean.
Window cleaners have traditionally used methods of window cleaning that use detergents which leave behind a residue that allows dirt to stick to it. The pure water system does not leave anything behind and so, windows stay cleaner for longer.

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The Technology

The Technology

We utilise pure water technology with a van mounted 650 litre Pure Freedom water-fed pole cleaning system.

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