Frequently Asked Questions

Are the poles heavy and how do you control them so high ?
The poles are made from high quality carbon fibre, which is a very light but extremely strong material. As it is so strong, we can easily control the pole without too much friction or bend.

What method do you use to clean the windows ?
On top of the head is a nylon brush head with small channels that provide a constant supply of pure water. First we clean the frames utilising the brush head and then the glass. The movement of the pole agitates and loosens the surface dirt. The glass is then rinsed using the laboratory grade pure water to leave to dry to a spot free finish.

How can pure water not leave any marks or spotting ?
Tap water isn’t just hydrogen and oxygen, but in fact contains many other chemical elements, such as calcium, chlorine, iron and copper. If you wash windows with untreated tap water and leave it to dry, once the hydrogen and oxygen have evaporated, these chemicals and mineral residues are left on the glass leaving streaks and other water marks.
The water we use is stripped of every element and is pure in every sense – 100% laboratory graded pure water. Because of it’s purity, quite simply, nothing can deposit on the windows which are always left spot free.

Are any chemicals used during the filtration process ?
Absolutely not ! All filters contain natural and environmentally safe elements such as salt, resin beads and carbon sediment.

Are there instances when windows will haze or spot ?
This could occur to a building that has previously been cleaned by conventional methods such as soap and water. The highly concentrated soap residue (usually washing up liquid), leaves a film on the glass surface and builds up deposits in the actual frame itself. Until this has been completely flushed out, a slight haze or occasional spotting may occur on the first 2-3 cleans.

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The Technology

The Technology

We utilise pure water technology with a van mounted 650 litre Pure Freedom water-fed pole cleaning system.

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